Which is the first post office in India?

Which is the first post office in india?

The first post office in India was started in Bombay by British East India company. This post office was started during the year of 1764.

Cheatsheet about Indian post office system: 

In  which year First Post Office started?   1764 (Bombay)
What is the name of First postage stamp?  1852, Scinde Dawk (District of Scinde)
In which year First airmail service started?  1911 (Allahabad to Naini)
In which year first Post office outside India?  1983 (Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica)
Who Founded Postal services in India?  Lord Dalhousie(Governor General)
Where is the Postal staff college located?  Ghaziabad
What day we celebrate Indian Postal Day?  10, October


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